Matt Maher Because He Lives (Amen)

Here is our weekly Catholic Worship Leader song blog featuring Matt Maher's song "Because He Lives (Amen)."  

This song could work in a variety of ways in your mass or worship setting, as a gathering, offering song, or even a Meditation/Worship song after communion.  It really serves to bring people to the idea that all we are as catholic christians, and all we will become, is because of his death and resurrection.  We would not be church without it.  

I love the idea of the word "Amen" in the chorus.  The Amen is saying, "I believe" that Jesus' resurrection has made me who I am today, has made me his follower, and an heir to the kingdom of God.  "I'm alive because he lives!"  It is our foundational belief.  

The original song was written by Bill Gaither, but Matt and his friends chose to write a new version, and in the writing, realized that they really wanted to use part of the original song as a bridge, and Bill was gracious enough to say yes.  

A true ecumenical worship song that can be used to lead your congregation into the heart of worship, and into the heart of Jesus through his resurrection.

Here is a great acoustic version.


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Doug Slater

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