Restless by Audrey Assad and Matt Maher

This song has become one of my favorite worship songs of the last few years.  While I know it is not new, I feel like it really has not gotten the attention it deserves.  

I have used this song in mass, in worship settings, and it always serves to draw the congregation into a deep reflection of their relationship with the Living God.  For me it has always created a sense of longing to be drawn into the arms of Christ and to truly rest in him and not in the worldly things surrounding us on a daily basis.

Taken from St. Augustine's famous work "Confessions" from the line, our hearts are restless til they rest in you, this song tugs at our heart strings and puts into words our longing for acceptance.  We realize that acceptance is through God more than any other.  He who created us, the author of our lives, knows us better than any other, loves us so, and asks us to rest in him every Sunday at church.  

This song works really well as an offertory song, or as a second communion/meditation song to lead people into a deeper prayer and meditation on our hearts.  The first line of the verse, "You dwell in the songs that we are singing" reminds us that God inhabits our very prayers, our praises, our song, and in that moment we are one with him.

I pray that this song will bless you and your communities.

You can find more information on sheet music, and the story behind the song here.

Check out Audrey's video below.


Doug Slater



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